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As You Grow:

Positive Things You Learn From Your Parents As You Grow.

In today's world our kids are not getting the right family values as when in the 50's and 60's when your parents set values for you, but have been lost in this new world we live in with so much lost to others views of how our kids are to act in this new world. There is so much negative media, no moral values from schools. We cant control what the media displays, but we can teach our kids the right morals as they grow. In this illustrated book, there are 23 positive stories with illustrations that pertain to each story. It took me over a year to put this book together with four professional copywriters to put all this book together. My goal was to put together stories with positive stories that your child can learn from each one as they grow.

23 Positive Stories:
1: Mom and dad
2: I want to be like my mom and dad
3: My family
4: Helping people
5: Telling the truth and not gossip
6: Saving money
7: Cleaning responsibilities
8: Doing chores
9: keeping your room clean
10: Doing homework
11: Sharing is caring
12: Eating your vegetables
13: Taking responsibility for your own actions
14: Doing things around the house without being told
15: Being organized
16: Personal hygiene
17: Taking care of pets
18: My mother takes care of me
19: Table manners
20: My fun-filled birthdays
21: Reading is important
22: Bedtime responsibilities
23: Your parents are your best teachers as you grow

This book should be read to all children because of the positive messages they have for a positive outcome as a child grows up. I would have loved to have had a positive book like this one when I was raising my kids. One thing I am very proud of, is my wife and I raised our kids in church, and this has helped my kids with raising their own kids. Kids need positive values from their parents and not from school and the media.

Honest reviews will not shatter my dreams of writing, but will only make me strive to be a better writer in the future.

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