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Author: John L. Brown
: The Biggest Deer I Never Got!
A Compilation of True Deer Hunting Stories, With Lessons To Be Learned.

The Biggest Deer I Never Got

I wrote this book in hopes of helping out the new and green hunter with many stories of all my mistakes. I loved deer hunting so much in my younger days and could not get enough. I love to hunt and not for the kill of the deer but for the excitement of a deer coming out on me. Most of my hunting buddies just liked the thrill of the kill. I was not after a kill more than just being out there waiting for a deer to appear with all the noises from the trees, and little animals that make you think a deer is coming your way. I love the sounds of nature while hunting and it's also a time of thought that goes on in your mind. I have come up with many ideas of building new stands, and many other things while in the stand. If I had marketed them all, I would have already been a millionaire. I didn't market them and eventually saw them on the market. Hopefully you'll find some of these stories that will help you on your next hunt to be beneficial...

A Compilation of True Deer Hunting Stories, With Lessons To Be Learned. I started hunting forty two years ago and been there and done that. The stories in this book will help you in many ways, because there is a little bit about all the aspects of hunting deer.

Most of these stories are about my mistakes and not of my good hunts that I went on, only to show you some of the stuff I did when very green.

I could have added many more deer hunting stories, but thought that the ones I did add would be beneficial for there are many lessons to be learned. Everyone is different in every thing we do as individuals. The stories here are just to show the mistakes I made and the things I learned during my hunting trips over a period of 20 plus years.

I had many successful hunting trips, but wanted to tell the stories of most of my mistakes. I hope in some way, the reader can take some of my tips in this book to be a much better hunter, or at least, if you're a knew hunter, to learn the ropes much quicker than I did. Lots of luck on your next hunt.

In the last pages of this book, I have some pictures of some of my deer stands, and plans to make a quick and safe stand.

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