Guees What's In The Picture Volume 4: John L. Brown:
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Guess Whats In The Picture: Can You Guess What The Picture Is? (Volume 4)

Guess Whats In The Picture is the fourth book in a series of guess whats in the picture to come, for ages 5 and up. This is the fourth book with illustrations of different animals from around the world, for children to guess whats in the picture.

The first page will have a couple of hints about the picture, and a Liquified picture on the right, that is smeared a little. When the child guesses what the picture is, they can turn the page to see the answer, and on the right page is the normal picture. Kids will love this book for the fun of guessing with some really cool looking images.

This book has 36 images, and kids will enjoy the fun pictures. This book is great for a child to use their brain to try and figure out the image that is smeared a little, but not to much that the child can not guess what it is, plus this book is a learning tool for the kids when reading the hints, which have some back ground to the pictures that they'll be guessing. This book will be fun for mom and dad to read and share with the whole family.

Honest reviews will not shatter my dreams of writing, but will only make me strive to be a better writer in the future.

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