Prayers Dreams Justice and Peace: John L. Brown:
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Prayers Dreams Justice and Peace:

A simply written inspirational fiction novelette story of one mans beliefs that changed the whole world.

An inspirational fictional story of a true believer of God, that prayed to God to give him special powers to end crimes against the innocent, to end wars, poverty, homelessness, and to bring the world to peace. The man prayed for something that even he thought God would never grant him but still, he kept praying the same prayer.

The man was tormented by what he saw in his city, and around the world, so he never gave up and stayed positive, praying the same prayer many times during the day and night.

Murder, rape and home invasions were happening every minute; people were afraid to walk the streets even during the day. This has tortured this man, so he feels he has to do something about it, but with Gods help, because he knew he couldn't do it alone.

Some days, he felt hopeless with nowhere to turn, but still with determination in his heart to make a difference, for he felt with all his being that God would not let him down and someday, God may grant him his prayer and he was right, because God eventually grants him his prayer.

Although this story is fictional from my mind, I wish it were something possible, for I've seen things that disturb me, that our young, don't fully see yet, being that they are young in heart and only will see these things another way with maturity.

I too have prayed for this same kind of special powers as Caleb prayed for in this story, as far-fetched as it seems, I still believe God can do all things, and all things are possible with God.

Honest reviews will not shatter my dreams of writing, but will only make me strive to be a better writer in the future.

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